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Elite Propects
  • Elite Prospects Exposure events are designed around the athlete for the athlete, helping our youth develop skills, awareness, and knowledge needed to succeed in their journey of seeking a college education and continuing to play their sport at a higher level.

  • Elite Prospects events include 3 stages :

  • 1. On the field, hands on skills training (fielding, hitting, pitching and catching) all instructed by college coaches.

  • 2. Measurement testing (Overhand Speed, Bat Exit Speed, Pop Time, Home-1st, Pitch Speed, Vertical Jump, Standing Broad Jump) is done by using state of the art equipment that is certified and standardized.

  • 3. College coaches will sit with the athletes for a brief time, usually around ½ hour or better and talk with the athlete and parents about continuing educations and playing sports at the next level.


  • 1. Offer skills training for existing issues and progressing higher talents.

  • 2. Offer a college exposure event with college coaches from all levels D1, D2, D3, NAIA and NJCAA working the event and tailored to the athletes attending current event.

  • 3. Our main goal as a company is that when our session has ended athletes have been given the opportunity to see and learn new skills and improve the current skills that each athlete possess. As our camps conclude, athletes feel they have received knowledge and have had any unanswered questions addressed.


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